Nov 26 2022 : Read about the phase linear Earendel speakers , designed 2021-2022 with LspCAD.

IJData was founded in 1991, the idea at that time was to construct and sell loudspeaker design software (LspCAD) in Sweden. The first version of LspCAD was developed for personal use because I could not afford to buy software such as Calsod or LEAP and stealing software was not a well spread habit at that time.

As I sold the first versions of LspCAD in sweden the manual was in swedish. After a while it turned out that people in Finland and Norway were interested in LspCAD aswell. It did not take me a long while to realize that, as swedish is only spoken by approximately 0.16% of the worlds population, a manual in english is a must.

The main driving force has always been interest. I have created a few constructions of my own, some of them successful others more painful for the ears and the eyes, the last few years have been mostly devoted to debugging software though.

In short IJData's product range includes:

The name LspCAD is short for Loudspeaker Computer Aided Design. Initially I started this project back in 1990, the reason then was that, beeing a poor student I could simply not afford to buy software such as LEAP or CALSOD. Today the reasons to why I continue with this are not the same, I have however learnt quite alot over the years, both Windows programming and acoustics.
The first two copies was sold to the University here in Lule .

LspCAD 6
LspCAD 6 is the latest addition to the LspCAD software family, replacing LspCAD 5.25. LspCAD 6 has full drag and drop capability and extensive possibilities to simulate active analog and digital as well as passive crossovers in the same schema, also is included capability to model various loudspeaker boxes. For those who liked the old LspCAD 5, good news is that LspCAD 5 is bundled with LspCAD 6.

The list of mostly happy LspCAD users include
Bowers & Wilkinson, Peerless, Cambridge SoundWorks, Audio Pro, BOSE, TAG McLaren, Labtec, Bo Bengtsson, Adire Audio, Karl-Heinz Fink, MISSION, Joseph D'Appolito, Logitech, Harmann Becker, KEF, Klipsch, Yamaha, Apple, Meridian, Sonos...

As the name implies this is a software that does measurements based on MLS sequences.justMLS measures both frequency response and impedance. justMLS is free for registered users of LspCAD standard and professional.

The BodiLizer is a VST instrument body equalizer and has no direct relation to loudspeakers. The purpose of it is to give the sound from e.g under saddle pickups a more natural character.

LspCAD 6.65 : New build available Dec 27 2022

3/4 of the IJData team outside the company premises

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The Nangijala speakers built ca 2011, the entire electro-acoustic design (including dipole simulation) was done in LspCAD 6.