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justMLS is a simple yet accurate measurement tool included in LspCAD 6.

The key features of justMLS are

  • SPL measurements with phase
  • DirectSound or ASIO support
  • Impedance measurements
  • Sampling rates 96000, 88200, 64000, 48000, 44100, 32000, 22050, 16000, 11025, 8000 Hz and user selectable (Custom).
  • MLS lengths (65536,32768,16384,8192 and 4096)
  • Smoothing None, 1/24th ,1/12th , 1/6th , 1/3rd,1/2 and 1 octave.
  • Cyclic measurements
  • Variable maximum FFT window size from 64 to 8192 pt.
  • Frequency range split in three sections with different FFT sizes to increase noise immunity.
  • Measurements can be saved in ASCII text format, readable by e.g LspCAD.
  • Store/recall measurements within a measurement session.
  • Mic calibration file can be imported.
  • Soundcard calibration.
  • 3 internal FFT calculations for increased noise immunity.
  • Merge/add function.
  • Baffle step simulation to improve accuracy of near/far field measurements.
  • Copy graph to clipboard
  • One or two channel mode SPL measurements, the latter to be used with a mic preamp, left channel is for mic, right channel is for reference signal.